How to Sharpen Drill Bits to Protect Your Investment in High-Quality Power Tools

How to sharpen drill bits

Many are unaware that drill bits require regular sharpening to give their best service. Similar to knives and axes, a dull drill bit requires much more force to do the same job. Instead of wearing the user out, a dull drill bit will inevitably wear out your drill. Giving your drill bits regular spot sharpening with a file is the best way to protect your investment in high-quality power tools. Brazos Industries knows the importance of properly sharpening drill bits, and we would like to share with you how to sharpen drill bits to protect your investment.

How to Sharpen Drill Bits Safely

Preparing to Sharpening Drill Bits

Before beginning, Brazos Industries makes sure to follow safety precautions, as sharpening a drill bit will cause metal to fly through the air. Our team also wears eye protection to further prevent injury and mistakes from occurring. Leather gloves will also assist in protecting your hands.

When necessary, our team here at Brazos Industries uses a vise or a sharpening jig to hold the drill bit. Use a pair pliers if you don’t have access to this. It is ideal to keep your hands away from the grinder.

Sharpening Drill Bits to Prevent Overheating

Correctly sharpening the drill bit requires the grinder to be at a slow speed. Placing he bit against the base of the wheel allows the sloped side to touch the cutter. This should be near a 60-degree angle for most bits. The tip of the bit should not touch grinder.

Brazos Industries slowly rotates the bit in a clockwise motion, while removing and placing it in a glass of water every few seconds. This will prevent the bit from overheating.

Testing the Drill Helps Prevent Mistakes

Every so often our welders will check the sharpness of the drill bit. Simply touching the drill bit with your finger can achieve this. If it is sharp then you won’t need to continue using the grinder. Also, you will need to examine the angle of the drill bit.

Brazos Industries suggests utilizing a protractor to ensure that the bit still has a 60-degree angle. Periodically checking this throughout the process will prevent any mistakes.

Methodically Using a Metal File for Sharpening Drill Bits to Prevent Any Accidents

Once the drill bit is fairly sharp, you will need to use a metal file to finish the job, as this will prevent over-sharpening of the bit. Put the bit in a vise or clamp and utilize a metal file to sharpen it. Keep the file at an angle. To prevent any mistakes, make sure to do this slowly and methodically.

Maintaining the Drill Bit Regularly is Crucial Here at Brazos Industries

Brazos Industries maintains our drill bits regularly to avoid the possible mistakes and accidents from occurring. While we perform maintenance frequently, this prevents our drill bits from becoming too dull to use.

Additionally, we store our drill bits are correctly in the original casing to reduce the chances of an accident occurring.


These are just the basics how to sharpen drill bits. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information!

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